Thursday, 23 June 2011

Spanners and that....

Okay, In the past I've been a bit "elitist" towards those people who like songs just because they have appeared on TV programmes. "Overkill- Men at work" was on scrubs....and became popular....there's a few more that I can't off the top of my head think of.   Anyway, that's not important. As self certified "Bohemian"  I have to say that Stevie Nicks is power. This song is perfect, heartfelt, and the melodies just fit perfectly with the whole concept. This was on a new episode of south park called "You're getting old" - Really struck a nerve with me, and induced quite a considerable amount of reflection of myself.  Yet more output from Trey Parker and Matt Stone that are pretty much bang on. The "You have 0 Friends" episode, pretty much highlights how far social networking has come from the infancy days of the internet...remember geocities?  The episode about motorcyclists being "Fags" is fucking amazing. I know it's a gross generalization, but people who ride motor bikes are compensating for something in their sub-conscious mind that is amidst. For instance when a motorbike is stationary in traffic...."vroooom vrooom vrooom" - 'Look at me, hear the roar of my engine'. Wow. That makes up for your 4 inch dick.....Back to south park.  Pretty consistent with music content :

Styx - Sail away
Kansas - Carry on my wayward son

I need to check out some more Stevie Nicks.

I took Evelyn to her school today; she's starting school in September.   You just have to blink, and the years slip by. I can't get my head around it. She's bright as a button though; and Emma is doing an Excellent job of making her into the little lady she is. 

Approaching the arse end of yet another year in the sense that we're closer to the end than the beginning, and I'm planning my next steps to "get back on track"- how many years is it going to take me to "Get back on track" ? At the end of the day, It's my own personality traits that are the principle cause of my shortcomings, I want something, I either get it, or lose interest and want something else. I think it's safe to say that my desires to join the Merchant Navy isn't to be tarred with the same brush as all the other 'options' that I've pursued. It's definitely not a quixotic idea...well no, it's quixotic, but it's from the depths of my whole being. I want it. It's taken this long, what's another year.....well, a year, if I get on this block of GCSE's I've applied for. I spoke with the course head honcho today, and there's quite a bit of competition. I have to get my shit together sooner rather than later. The assessments are in August. That is providing I get an assessment. If I don't, then I'm pretty much snookered. Back on the dole.  I don't want to think of that. I'm a lot of things, and one of them is a realist. I'm confident that positive thinking will save the day on this one. I'm employed up until the end of august; if I don't get in Liverpool community college, I can always go local and do three GCSE's at college locally, and pay for the other 2; so as I write this, the wheel is turning and I'm pro-actively planning. There was a second earlier today, not long after I put the phone down from the college chap, where I was thinking of getting tanked up this weekend. Thankfully, it was a passing thought, that was soon quashed by my current charge towards "being a better person" - what ever that means? I'm looking after myself, and I'm making more of an effort with my nearest and dearest, because that's something I feel I've singularly failed to make the most of for as long as I can remember. I have turned a corner though. There was a time when I'd drink 4 times a week, eat all sorts of shit, and generally not give a flying rats arse about anything; myself included. I feel more human. I know we are here for a good time, not a long time, but I just think one more year of doing what I'm doing and I'll reach my goals. By next September, Starting up in the Merch, and 15 stone will do me nicely. Yes, it's a constant war, but, I will soldier on. 

Just started reading a book called "The stormy voyage of fathers day" by Hugo Vihlen. Given to me by Hugo's sailing 'rival' Tom Mcnally. In exchange for that, I borrowed to him two William Willis books; the two separate accounts of his Trans-pacific adventures. I was bigging William Willis up to Tom no end, and he said he was aware of him. I'm realizing now, after starting this book, that Tom is probably one of the closest things to William Willis currently alive on earth. I guess Willis' books might be a little tame for him. It'll be interesting to find out his thoughts. It was funny the first time I met Tom, he asked my what boat I've got, to which I replied . . 'I've never been on a boat, apart from the ferry'. So how can someone have such an ardent interest in obscure mad men who cross oceans....the dreamers...the mentalists? I'd like to think that some day it will be financially viable and conceivable for me to sail away. 

Whilst writing this Christine has put on the aforementioned (in my blog) 127 Hours;  I haven't really been paying attention to it though and I would ask that you read my previous post pertaining to this "matter"  There's so many things that are more interesting than a zany tit who got his arm stuck under a boulder. Jesus wept. Danny Boyle, you shit head. 

My arse has gone numb now, so I'll back off from being episodical-

Canary Islands (Oh how I love my archipelagos) in less than 3 weeks, and a cycling/B&B tour of the south west of England at the end of August. Been feeling increasingly isolated over the past month. :(

Felix_von_Luckner  - Of the German Navy. A gent of the highest order! It was his habit of successfully waging war without any casualties that made him a hero and a legend on both sides.  ( - another Hero of the kreigsmarine.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Peripheral Thinking

Okay, so my primary goal is to get a career at sea. I'm signed up to re-take 5 GCSE's, which will enable me to apply later this year, for a few sponsoring deck officer positions. ACE. Navigation, and all that jazz. Right up my street. There's a full time job going in work though, and I think I'm going to apply the "snooker" philosophy to my game plan by thinking of three steps ahead go for it; if I get it, I'll have a full time job, and I'll be able to pay to redo my GCSE's from home. I've also sent off my C.V to 12, yes 12 to 12 pubs, that I deem "quiet"