Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bucket List

1.  Visit The Marquesas Islands - After reading the Kon-Tiki expedition when I was 12, I became obsessed with the Pacific Ocean. I've since gone on to read quite a few accounts of sailing oceans. My favourite being "The epic voyage of the seven little sisters" by William Willis; incidental that; 7HTAS, which is my Twitter name, is the call sign of Willis' raft. I think it's what the Peruvian navy named the raft.  There's a company that do a tour of the islands on a freighter; but the costs are quite high; given that I'd need to fly to to L.A, and then to Papeete. I worked it out, and it was about 5 grand in total. I'd rather sail there my self...which brings me on to #2

2. Learn how to sail. Another long term ambition of mine; thwarted by chiefly, financial constraints. My plan is to buy myself a little yacht, and learn the ropes. I'm harbouring thoughts of saving up, and buying myself a live-a-board eventually. I've seen the life of live-a-boards, and although it isn't ideal, it'd be perfect for me. I'm assuming I'm going to be in the merchant navy next September, in which case, I will be be away for some time, and when I do return; I can cruise. I'm in love with the idea of being on remote islands. I want to visit Ascension, as many as the British Overseas Territories as I can, Easter IslandPitcairnThe AntipodesThe Hawaiian Islands and Christmas Island , I'd like to visit Vanuatu; and tell them I'm John Frum - All these places could be individual numbers in my bucket list. I used look at these little slithers of land dotted on vast oceans on an inflatable globe at my Nan and Granddads. I forgot, I'd love to go to the Caymans Islands, and British Virgin Islands. I guess retirement is pretty much taken care of.

3.Visit Devil's Island -in Suriname- A former penal colony, the setting for another of one of my favourite books "Damned and Damned Again - Which surprise-surprise is by William Willis.

4.  Cycle up Mont Ventoux- Watching the Pantani V Armstrong match up in  the 2000 tour de france was possibly the greatest sporting moment I've witnessed. I'd love to ride up it myself, ans see the Tom Simpson memorial; for those not in the know about Cycling, he's a brit, who died whilst competing in the Tour in the 60's.

5. Visit Oslo- Three reasons. #1 to visit the Kon Tiki Museum.   #2 To visit Vemork - A hydro electric damn/museum (The Heroes of Telemark) and #3 Visit the Hardangervidda - All Kon-tiki related - The last two are associated with Knut Haugland - A true hero. His Wikipedia page does him no justice at all. While I think Ray Mears is a walking talking testicle; his book, "The Real Heroes of Telemark" gives a real enthralling insight into Operation Gunnerside

6. Visit Vietnam; I've always been curious about the place from various war films, but what really got me interested in going was reading Tim Severin's China Voyage. I'd also like to visit China, DPRK, and Hong Kong, while I am there.

7.- I'd love a horse. I think, when I'm up and running in the Merch; I may well get shares in a racehorse; It'd have to be a Chaser; and Charlie Poste would have to ride it; He's my favourite Jockey; I once backed him at Aintree at 100/1 on a horse called dance island; and he only went and finished second! One of his rides I'll always remember was when he managed to get a horse called heathcliffe to finish third; the horse was reluctant to settle, and he pretty much had to push the horse the entire 3 miles. I'd one day like to have enough space to be able to keep one myself; although, I am planning on living on a yacht; as soon as possible.

8. San Francisco; go to Gilman Street and take in some punk rock; and ride the tram. I've always wanted to go, after seeing Herbie rides again. Strange little houses on hills. Quirky. I like it. 

9. On the subject of Beetles, I've always wanted a 1969 VW Beetle. This exact one - with the soft top; and the racing shit on. There's an attempt at one of these round by my mums. It's not the right shade of white, it's not the correct year, and they've basically bought it; and not looked after it - all the shiny metal bits have been allowed to rust. A shame really. Although these day's, I'm a little 'anti vehicle'.

That's about it really. I mean there's a few peripheral ideas that I have, some unrealistic, some pretty achievable.  I'd like to one day live in Spain, I guess #2 can sort of accommodate that. I'd love sit down, and write a song with Neil Finn. I'd love to see Aurora borealis with my own eyes. I'd love to drive or cycle across Europe, and America. Pedalling across an ocean is something I constantly think of.  I want to see more of eastern europe as well.