Monday, 10 September 2012

Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes....

It's finally begun. My stint as an Officer Cadet in the Merchant Navy. I'm a Monday into my second week; and I think I can honestly say; I'm in the right place. The first week was spent predominately filling in loads of paperwork, and meeting various members of the college staff. I have to say, that what I have seen so far has impressed me; staff, facilities, and the food in the canteen isn't bad either!  The first day we arrived, we were informed by a third year cadet that they were taking us all out, into Fleetwood. I tagged along, and had about 3 pints; but the place that we went to sort of put me off going out EVER AGAIN. Let's just say; if Jeremy Kyle was doing referral fees, one could profit by befriending some of the locals in there- and bare in mind, I'm from Birkenhead- possibly one of the biggest dumps out there! The girl who's gig it was  apparently woke up the next morning on a bench. Awesome.   

   I was sent on a 'cadet development course' which sounded more annoying than it actually was. In all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to it; but I'd say that say some barriers were knocked down during the whole experience- and much needed!  Lots of climbing and assault course type shit; think 'the krypton factor' only you don't get a go of the flight simulator at the end; you just get beans, and more beans. I was lucky to be with a cracking gang of chaps. I was worried about being the oldest; but despite certain aspects of my personality being rather mature; in the sense that I think I'm well older than my years; this 3 days showed me that I can still clown around and enjoy it, if I want to- so it's nice to have that option.

I mentioned earlier that I felt I was in 'the right place' - pretty much every academic or professional endeavour of mine has resulted in me talking enthusiastically about something that I'm interested in; and usually....some complete fuckwit thinks that I'm weird because I 'don't watch telly' or that I  'like weird things' - here, I can talk about the Antipodes, The HM Thetis/Thunderbolt, Sailing, weather patterns in the Atlantic  etc without being ostracised.    We were told Ofsted were coming in, and also that we were going on a Birkenhead (my home town-ish) of all places; to act as passengers on a ship they are going to set on drills. Anyway; in my school days; when Ofsted came in, I was put in a room, out of the way and I certainly wasn't allowed on school trips; especially towards the last three years of secondary school. That was 11 years things have changed, and where does the time go? I was made the class representative by a vote; 

Bit of a 'prison' vibe going on; but it's got everything one needs

 In the past week, I've had a viral infection, and last night I had an acute attack of food poisoning; which everyone in the cricket club heard; thankfully it subsided; and as I write this now, I am in pain, because I went out on my bike earlier in the pissing down rain, and rather stupidly got my wheel caught in a first ever intimate experience with the road. I am not happy. Woe is officially me. They say it comes in the threes; so-  1)viral infection 2) shits 3)bike crash. Can you please leave me alone now? 

On that note; I bid you good day.